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And So It Begins

I arrive in Halifax on Saturday, June 13th at just after 6pm. The three of us who were coming from Manitoba were met at the airport by another student from Kingston, who graciously agreed to pick us up and bring us into Halifax (the airport is about 1/2 hour outside of the city, by highway). […]

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We Can See The End

I know that I have not written since before the storm last weekend. So, I shall begin with that event. The storm was really a non-event for us here in Halifax. We had a lot of wind and at time it was gusting to around 100kms/hr but we had very little rain, the storm passed […]

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Another Week Down

It is early on Saturday morning, mid way through my time here in Halifax, as I sit here and type this.  This past week was a short week for classes with the Canada Day holiday, but very heavy on the work. We basically had to days to read numerous chapters in our texts and prepare […]

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Almost 1/3 Done Already?

I cannot believe that I have been down here in Halifax for almost 2 weeks already. It seems like I only just arrived. But then if I think about it and look at the work that I have done, yes, it has been almost 2 weeks. The weather down here has been cool and rainy, […]

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Halifax Again

So, I have arrived in Halifax for another summer term of learning in community. It has been good to get reacquainted  with people and renew friendships. The work begins tomorrow morning as I start my Research Methods course and for the next 6 weeks I will be immersed in school and homework. I appreciate this […]

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5 Days and Counting!!!

Monday morning, sitting here in my office at WPUC wondering exactly what am I going to get done before leaving  on Saturday morning for 6 weeks.  The popular consensus is very little….hahaha, so just like a normal week…hahaha.  Yesterday’s service was a great service as Sharon and I shared the service and I think it […]

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