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Almost 1/3 Done Already?

I cannot believe that I have been down here in Halifax for almost 2 weeks already. It seems like I only just arrived. But then if I think about it and look at the work that I have done, yes, it has been almost 2 weeks.

The weather down here has been cool and rainy, which has made it much easier to sleep, but also made it less likely that I can get a walk in every day. We are in class from 9 every morning until around 12, as sometimes it is a bit later than 12 and sometimes a couple minutes before. We  have a short 15 to 20 minute chapel service every morning which begins at 8:15. I was asked to be in charge of organizing worship for the summer chapel services so myself and two others were in charge of the first week of chapel services. It looks like we might have to take the 4th week as well as currently no one has signed up to organize that week. I have also been elected as the Summer Distance rep to the Student Union here at AST. In conversation with the outgoing rep, it does not appear to be a lot of work and so I can’t imagine it will add much to my workload. We also had a United Church worship service complete with communion this past Tuesday, which we found out when we arrived, we were in charge of writing and organizing as 2nd year students. I was asked to preach at the service and so I preached on being called to a new life in Christ and a new community in Christ.

The course I am currently enrolled in is a research methods course. I thought before I arrived that this might not be a difficult course, but they have revamped the course and we are the first group of students who are taking the newly revised course. It is a challenge as we are required to write  a complete mock research study, complete with criteria for sample selection and how we might analyze the data that we collect, if we were to do the study. The paper is a minimum 10 pages and I am realizing that my paper will be a little bit longer than the minimum. It is an interesting course and has made me think in a completely different way, which is not always a bad thing.

I must confess that a group of us from the school took a trip yesterday to Dartmouth to John’s Lunch this little hole in the wall diner. But they have the best scallops I have ever had in my life. They are so large and sweet and you get over dozen with fries and cole slaw…..it is almost enough to make me stay here forever…….I am just kidding although I was looking forward to going there for a meal and I am very happy that we were able.

I will post again soon.




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