Mallard Memorial Window

The window in memory of Thelma and Ernest Mallard was dedicated on Sunday, February 17, 2019.

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Memories of Thelma –  Joyce Muir (friend)

This window is dedicated to our church by all the Mallard family in remembrance of Thelma and Ernest Mallard.

Thelma was a very important part of this church.

She was the fusser, the hugger, the greeter who made everyone feel welcome. As a fusser she put up the numbers of the hymns, checked the pews to make sure everything needed was there and lit the Christ candle to represent God in our midst.  She was very proud of being the fusser and when her illness prevented her from climbing the steps, she made sure that I did the job right.

She was on the Worship Council and also belonged to 2 UCW units.

Remember when we, as a congregation, wore hats to support Thelma when she lost her hair?

Angels that Thelma made were a gift to many of her friends – an angel making angels.

She was a wife, mother, grandmother and good friend.  What a beautiful person.

This lovely window depicts Thelma and Ernie join their baby daughter Shirley Ann in heaven.

God bless our memories of Thelma and Ernie.

Worship Council Representative Nancy Sulkers:

In memory of Thelma Mallard, and on behalf of Thelma’s family, we present this stained glass window to be dedicated to the memories of  Thelma and Ernie Mallard, their lives, and to the glory and praise of God.

Official Board Representative Doug Waldron:

With gratitude, we accept this stained glass window.  We will care for it, and it will add beauty to our worship space.

Words of Dedication:

God of the universe, may the light of your love shine through this window we dedicate to your glory.  May all who gaze upon it sense your beauty and peace.  Reminded of the stories and symbols of your faithfulness, may we give thanks, and grow in faith and love.  Amen.

One:  In the name of the holy and triune God:  Creator, Christ, and Spirit,

All:  we dedicate this window to the glory of God.

One:  With gratitude and reverence,

All:  we dedicate this window to the glory of God.

One:  For the beauty of this holy place and for the sake of all God’s people,

All:  we dedicate this window to the glory of God.

One:  In remembrance of Thelma and Ernie Mallard,

All:  we dedicate this window to the glory of God.

View the obituary for Thelma at:

View the obituary for Ernie at:

Window designed and created by European Art Glass, Winnipeg 2019.

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