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5 Days and Counting!!!

Monday morning, sitting here in my office at WPUC wondering exactly what am I going to get done before leaving  on Saturday morning for 6 weeks.  The popular consensus is very little….hahaha, so just like a normal week…hahaha.  Yesterday’s service was a great service as Sharon and I shared the service and I think it was a great way send me off.

As promised I will try to keep up with the blog during my time away.  Hopefully with reflections around my schooling, sites I may get the chance to see and general feelings around being away for such a length of time at this time in my life.  I am hoping to share with you the learnings that I take away from this, both in regards to my ministry education and life in general.  If I can figure it out as well, I will attempt to post some pictures on this blog.

With so much going on, I find myself a bit confused lately…..yeah I know, how is that different from any normal day….hahaha, but I know that even when I am away the people at WPUC will be there to support me on this journey and for that I will forever be grateful.




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