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And So It Begins

I arrive in Halifax on Saturday, June 13th at just after 6pm. The three of us who were coming from Manitoba were met at the airport by another student from Kingston, who graciously agreed to pick us up and bring us into Halifax (the airport is about 1/2 hour outside of the city, by highway). Once at the residence we started the task of unpacking all of the items that we had place in storage at the end of last year and setting up our rooms. Throughout Sunday more students arrived and it was great to begin to renew friendships and to make new friendships with those who arrived as first year students.

This morning I began my first class with was United Church Polity and Ethics. It seems like this course is really going to challenge me to think. I have already begun working on my first assignment which is a case study using The Manual of The United Church of Canada. This book can seem a bit confusing at times, so being that I chose the first case study, we will see how it turns out. Being the first at anything has its good point and its bad points. The good thing is that I am able to get one assignment out of the way, the bad is that I am not really sure of expectations and depth of study required. We have a page limit, but there was not really any discussion around the depth of engagement with The Manual. As always we shall see where this goes.

The weather here in Halifax has been cool, which is a blessing for those of us on the 3rd floor of residence. We were talking earlier today about how we hope that the weather stays like this, sunny and cool, for the rest of the term. I believe that this is wishful thinking, but there is something to be said for living in hope.

I will post updates as often as I am able, but it is back to work for me.




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