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Celebrating our gifts and mission

Windsor Park United Church seeks to be a welcoming community based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We nurture our faith and spiritual life by: worshipping and learning together, caring for each other, embracing our diversity, reaching out to those who live around us, and working together in service to Creation

Our Gifts

With the Christmas season pushed earlier every year, it often seems that by the time Christmas Day has arrived, commercialism has totally taken over, the true meaning of Christmas is buried under a mountain of presents, receipts and bills. And yet by our next holy holiday, Easter, can we even remember what we received as gifts? And birthdays, which were meant to be an example of God’s ultimate gift to us, have been completely diverted and have become a day to celebrate one’s own self. If only there was a way to harvest that gift giving tradition so that the love of God and work of God could still be done …



With that thought in mind we present the gifts that the congregation of Windsor Park United Church gives to the community and world around us and an invitation to join us in the gift giving.

Library Books

gifts_3Our intergenerational library is a unique resource for all members of our congregation. It provides resources to help us deepen into our own faith and the world. Your gift helps to keep the library renewed, updated & relevant.

Tot Time

gifts_4Your gift ensures that Tot Time continues to nurture healthy families. WPUC provides volunteer (grandparents) support to the children which allows the parents to continue to build community amongst themselves. The gift of children at WPUC is a gift to all.

Youth Group

gifts_5Helping the young people to continue to form community and learn about their faith in a fun, nurturing, & safe environment.


gifts_6Sunday worship services are central to our life of faith at WPUC. Your gift may help us enhance the physical worship space as well as provide support for special services and the sacraments of communion and baptism.

Community Outreach

gifts_7Our new Creed challenges us” to love and serve others”. Your gift to community outreach helps us to serve those who don’t always feel loved. WPUC helps to serve 1000+ of Winnipeg’s less fortunate individuals per year.

Building for the Future

gifts_8Although Church is not a building, your gift ensures that this building continues to serve the wider community. Through your gift it is our hope that we will grow to reflect our neighbourhood.

Bible Adventures

gifts_9Our Bible Adventure leaders have gifted us with a vibrant program. Our children say they have fun and enjoy the adventure of learning and growing spiritually. Through this program of teaching our children our foundational stories we help shape our future.

Thinking of You

gifts_10Your gift helps those who have been struggling with loss and those who are no longer able to attend WPUC, to know that they are important and always remembered. This works extends beyond our own community through initiatives such as the mitten tree, food hampers, & school supplies.

Time and Talent

gifts_11Give your valuable & essential time/talent in a new way: AOTS, UCW, ushering, greeting, counting, serving on a new council, sing in the choir. Offer this gift of behalf of someone who is no longer able to offer their own Time/Talent. No tax receipt.

Social Justice

gifts_12WPUC reaches out beyond our neighbourhood to support local, national and global social justice causes and issues. In the past, through your gifts we have supported refugee families, & a library project in Ghana. This year we will explore First Nations issues & our Affirming designation.

Feeding Body and Soul

gifts_13At WPUC we have been gifted with a kitchen that allows us to nourish the body. As we come together around the body we enter into discussions that feed the soul: what does it mean to be Church today? As we explore these questions, it truly helps us to discern what it means to be a Christian in the world today.

Music Ministry

gifts_14Your gift can help support this vital ministry!  It may be used to help with the cost of sound equipment, instrument maintenance, and new music purchases for our various music groups.





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