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Waking Up in the World: Four Coffee and Conversation Sessions

Heal our Hearts

Cultivate Courage

Inspire Action

In our world today we are facing many issues: climate change, poverty, wars, racism, homophobia, ageism, strange politics, etc, etc. Now more than ever, people are being called to grow and develop, and to bring forward their own unique voices and gifts to solve our very real social problems. ,

This series was developed by Sounds True in response to the despair, anger, & heartbreak we are hearing from community. The series brings together some of the most inspiring spiritual teachers and social visionaries to help us work with our emotions and inspire us to move forward with love, courage and wise action for a better world.

ENGAGE YOUR COMPASSION: No matter how much pain and struggle we experience, we can still act from a core of love—an inexhaustible reservoir of energy and renewal. .

TRAIN IN NEW CAPACITIES: Develop key skills for “engaged spirituality”—such as cultivating peace in the midst of suffering, tapping into your unique gifts, and finding the link between spiritual work and social transformation.

ACT WITH COURAGE AND LOVE: Follow your calling to contribute and serve in your own way—and realize you are never alone.

Some of the Inspiring Leaders in the Series

  • Van Jones: CNN
  • Matthew Fox
  • Carolyn Myss
  • David Suzuki

Windsor Part United Church is honoured to host this series and invites you to join us for coffee and conversation.

Dates: This Four Week Series will be hosted on Wednesday evenings starting Feb 6 until Feb 27, 2019 (Please note:  each week stands alone, so come when you are able!)

Time: 6:30-9:00pm

Cost:  free will offering


  • Opening Welcome

  • Video presentation

  • Discussion

  • Closing

Session Facilitators: Laurie Ringaert & Rev. Patrick Woodbeck

Please register online here:


or by calling the church office at 204-256-8792.

We are thrilled that you are thinking of adding your voice to this conversation!


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