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Thursday Morning Study Group starts on October 15th

“What’s So Amazing About Grace?”

by Philip Yancy.

This is the book that we have chosen for our study.  It is a book that many of us have read on our own, but how nice it would have been to have had somebody else’s input.  Well, now that’s possible!  There is a viswhats_so_amazing_about_grace_philip_yanceyual aid to help us with our study about “grace.”

Kindness – decency – charity – benevolence – honour – clemency – these are some of the definitions of “grace.”  How do you interpret “grace?”  How do you incorporate “grace” in your everyday living?

This is such a basic part of our faith, yet it is often taken for granted, but not understood.

So come out on Thursday mornings beginning October 15th from 9:30-11 a.m. and help us to appreciate what Philip Yancy finds so amazing about “grace.”

Be prepared for a warm welcome, a cup of coffee and stimulating conversation!

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