The Season of Epiphany

The Christian faith has a special relationship with time.  Just as our lives are measured in days, weeks, and years, so too is the story of our relationship with God.  The rhythm of our week is designed to culminate in the Sunday Sabbath, and week by week, Sunday by Sunday, we build upon the story of God’s revelation to humankind in an annual dance called the liturgical calendar.epiphanylogo

We have just finished the seasons of Advent (4 weeks before Christmas, and the beginning of the church year) and Christmas (December 25-January 5).

We are now entering the season of Epiphany, which runs from January 6 through to Shrove Tuesday (this year, February 28).

Epiphany means a sudden insight or new understanding.   Celebrated on January 6, Epiphany marked the manifestation of God to humanity.  Over time, it also marked the feast of the visit of the magi to the child Jesus.

Living Epiphany

What does it mean to be a people who live with the intention of experiencing “epiphanies” or new insights into faith and life, always watching for what God is doing?

(Source:  Teresa Burnett-Cole, Glebe-St. James U.C. Ottawa, Ontario)

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