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Sunday September 13, 2015 Blessing of School Supplies and Backpacks

Kids! Remember to bring your backpacks on Sunday Sept. 13th for BLESSING OF THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND BACKPACKS.

Here is the list for the donated school supplies we are looking for.

No used supplies please.

Why the brand names? These are brands that tend to have a higher quality and more staying power!

Schools Top 10 Donation List

  1.  Duotangs – 3 prong
  2.  Packages of looseleaf
  3.  Pencils
  4.  Student scissors
  5.  Crayola crayons
  6.  Crayola markers – thick and thin
  7.  Crayola pencil crayons
  8.  Hilroy scribblers
  9.  Glue sticks
  10.  New backpacks


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