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Sunday, Oct. 28/18 Announcements

OUR MISSION                                                                                        

Windsor Park United Church seeks to be a wel­coming community. Based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, we nurture our faith and spiritual life by: worshipping and learning together, caring for each other, embracing our diversity, reaching out to those who live around us and working together in service to Creation.

*Here at WPUC we are endeavoring to become a scent-free environment*


October 28th – November 3rd, 2018

Today            2pm           Private Event – wedding

Monday         6:15pm     Sparks & Brownies

Tuesday        1pm           Art Group

Wednesday  9:30am      Tot Time

                       7pm           Evening Study Group

Thursday      9:30am      Thursday Morning Study Group

                       7:45pm     Worship Choir practice

Saturday       10am         Private Event – baby shower

                       5:30pm     Anniversary Potluck!

Next Sunday   10:30am Homecoming/ Anniversary Worship                                           service

*If you need hearing assist, please ask a member of our Welcome Ministry*

Please don’t forget to sign up for Welcome Ministry here! If you are interested and have questions, please speak with Alana Davis! Sign up sheet is in the lobby!

Dates to Note!

November 3rd: 60th Anniversary Potluck! Sign up sheets are posted in the lobby! Join Us!

November 4th: WPUC homecoming/60thAnniversary Service

November 11th: 100th Anniversary of the end of WWII Remembrance Day Worship Service

CICC is on coffee time this week, CDC you’re on deck for next week!

It’s our 60th anniversary this year! Join us for a potluck this Saturday, November 3rd at 5:30pm, and a special worship service this Sunday, November 4th! Invite your family and friends and former WPUC members you know of to our potluck!

Sign up sheets are in the lobby!

 Thursday Morning Study Group started last week, and there’s always room for people to join! Please talk to Anne Thoroughgood!

Thank you to Bill and Wayne for installing the shelving in the lobby closet! It’s a great use of space and helps Outreach and Edna’s used book sale storage so much!

We are in need of baking for our Anniversary – Homecoming service! If you are able to help, please drop off goodies at the church Monday-Friday, 9-3pm this week!

Speaking of baking… we also need some baking for the last Winnipeg Presbytery meeting here on Nov 13th in the evening!

Winter is Coming!

No one deserves to be left out in the cold!

In response to this, there is a collection drive taking place!

We will collect donations here, and Patrick has generously offered to drop them off at the McPhillips St location they have chosen. Collection is taking place between

October 22  – November 22

The Bear Clan is looking for items to help people keep warm and keep their energy up:

  • Socks, mitts, sweaters, jackets, blankets, boots: new or gently used.
  • Individually wrapped non-perishable food items like granola bars, crackers, cookies. (Anything that can be easily handed out while out on patrol walks)
  • Also needed are personal care items like toothpaste, toothbrushes and feminine hygiene products.

“Thank you to Deanna and Len Kernaghan, Gloria and Don Saindon, Colleen Gates, Morris and Joyce Deveson, Brian and Gordon Nazarko, and Gina Grant for all their help with the set up and taking down of tables and cleaning up after the sale. Many thanks to the CICC members who made the muffins to be sold.

This event could not have been successful without all your help. Thanks to the many parishioners that came and supported this event. The craft sale made $635 for the church with 8 tables being pre-sold for next year.”

~~Jan Nazarko, Craft Sale Convenor

Birthdays & Anniversaries!

Connor Bell                                                                          Pat Dumont

Riley Kay                                                                         Murray Kehler

Richard Kozicki                                                                 Claire Waters


Bruce & Alana Davis


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