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Sponsor your team – WPUC Walkers!

It’s cold out there!!

And on February 20th, we’re going to do something about it!

Together with thousands of Canadians across the country, our team,

WPUC Walkers, IMG_1877

Laura, Paulette, Peter, Doug, Gloria, Judi, Leo and Patrick will be walking in the Coldest Night of the Year, raising much-needed funds for RaY, a local charity that supports and serves the hungry, homeless, and hurting in the West Broadway area.

Resource Assistance for Youth, Inc. (RaY) is a non-profit street-level agency working with street-entrenched and homeless youth up to the age of 29. RaY is non-judgmental and non-partisan, employing a harm reduction approach to all interactions with youth in need.

You can help by donating!  You can donate to an individual member’s account (just click on their name) or to the team account (click on “donate to the team” button).

To donate, go to


**There are also pledge forms at the church for those who prefer not to donate on-line.

Watch Coldest Night’s video about youth on the streets at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9VtjoKDwVI

See a slide show of the 2015 walk in Winnipeg at: https://youtu.be/sveLqfTvLLg


**There’s still time to join our team!  Go to the webpage link above for Coldest Night donations and click on Join the Team!

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