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Sharon’s China Adventure

We arrived on time in Shanghai on Saturday afternoon.  After eighteen hours in transit it was good to be here.  We have been hosted by staff from the China Christian Council.  Tony met us at the airport and has been a great guide.  He got us settled at our hotel, The Baron Business Hotel, right near the Bund.  this is a pedestrian shopping area along the river. The lights at night are awesome.  Shanghai is a huge city–24 million.  Negotiating the streets means leaping out of the way of bikes and scooters that seem to see pedestrians as targets.We broke into two groups this morning to go to church.  My group went to the Community Church in a pre-Revolution Presbyterian building.  It was full to bursting for the second service–about 750 people.  I can’t imagine how many were at the 7:30 am worship but I’m told it is bigger.  The sermon went on for nearly an hour.  All WPUC members should take note and be grateful that I have NEVER gone that long!!!  Did I mention that the minister mentioned ‘Satan’ at least 50 times?  Needless to say, we noted many differences but, surprisingly, also many similarities.  The hymns were all what we would call ‘golden oldies’ from the old blue Hymnary.  We were able to sing along and there was simultaneous translation of all other parts of the service.We have been fetted to three meals so far.  The tables groan from the quantity of food.  I have now sampled jellyfish, eel several other creatures I could not identify.  All things considered, it’s a great culinary adventure.Tomorrow we have a meeting with the China Christian Council staff before leaving for Suzhou by bus.  I’ll do my best to update you from there.Sharon 

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