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So today was the first day of the second week, of our second class, of this summer session. I am taking an advanced preaching course that is titled; “Preaching Past the Post.” In this class we are challenged to write and deliver a sermon in a format that would speak to post-moderns, post-literates, post-christians, basically post everything. It has been a challenge to even figure out what many of these terms mean, let alone preach a message to individuals who identify as such.

So I crafted a sermon and worked on a slide presentation of images to go along with the words. This slide presentation also included a couple of embedded videos which I thought might be powerful. It was an interesting exercise in stretching my way of doing a sermon. It was quite funny because one of the slides I used was that of a Tardis, you all remember that blue box that is sitting in the front corner of the sanctuary. Well the slide was to highlight the fact that we can look at the same image and come up with different ideas around what it might actually be. The instructor was a bit confused until I told him that there was a  full size one in our sanctuary, then he understood and thought the image was well used.

I now have to work on a minimum 12 page paper that is due before I leave here, so I have a bit of time to get that done.

It has been a tough summer and many people in the course say that the 4th summer is the most difficult because you still can’t really see the end. All I know is that once this summer is completed, and providing I pass all my courses, I will only have 9 credits left for my degree.

Maybe the end is in sight????

I know that I could never have done any of this without the help and support of all the people of Windsor Park United . Thank you for your faith and trust in me.

It is a sunny day, which have been few and far between this summer, so I will be off to take a walk in the sun and to plan, in my head, how I am going to approach this next paper.



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