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Opportunities for Involvement

Many of our councils currently have openings for new members.

Being on a council is a great way to get to know people and become involved in areas that are of interest to you!

Current openings:

Presbytery delegate – 1 person needed:  Attends Presbytery meetings as a representative of Windsor Park United Church.  Ideal for those interested in our place within the structure of the larger church.

Finance council – 1 person needed:  If you have the skills/interest in working with the financial matters of the church, we can use your gifts here!

Worship Council – 4 people needed: The Worship Council oversees everything that happens within the sanctuary of the church.  These are the people responsible for developing the themes for Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter.  They also take care of communion, ushers and greeters, baptism, and liturgists.  If you are interested in learning more about how our worship services are developed, this is the place for you!

Ministry and Personnel Committee (M & P) – 3 people needed:  This committee oversees and liaises with the staff of WPUC.

Christian Development Council (CDC) – 2 people needed:  This council oversees the Christian education area of the church, including:  Bible Adventures, Youth Group,  Adult study, Library, and Tot Time.   If you have an interest in helping people develop their faith, this is the council for you!

Congregational Involvement and Communications Council (CICC) – 5 people needed:  Facilitating opportunities for people to have fun and get to know each other is a large part of this council’s mandate.  Ideal for people who like to be involved in planning and organizing events!

*Councils not listed here may be full at the present time.

If one of the above councils or committees sounds interesting to you,  please call Luci at the church office (204-256-8792) and she will put you in touch with the right person!

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