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On The Road Again

I suppose that this should actually be titled “In The Air Again,” but no  matter either way I will be on the move today, making my way back home. I sit here in my residence room trying to get packed up before I make my way over to the hall for my last breakfast here on the “rock.” I am not really sure what to think at this moment, it has bee a week of intense emotions, from deep spiritual movement and the resulting emotional elation, to intense frustration at a procedure where we seemed to spend hours not really moving. Did we really accomplish what we were tasked with by the church? That I really cannot answer at the moment but I know that this group of people, those who were tasked with gathering here in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, believe that we have done our best. There have been many times throughout the week when we have been miles apart on certain issues and there were other times when we stood as one unified voice, in either case we all understood that each and every one of us has a deep love for this thing that we call The United Church of Canada and we have tried to do our best.

I know that I will never forget this time here in Newfoundland and that being here has changed me, although I will be honest I still am not sure in what ways, but I have been changed. I have met some amazing people throughout the week and reconnected with some that I had met at other church events. May we always remember that if we are all turning towards God then we will eventually all be looking in the same direction.

I look forward to being home, and seeing those whom I care deeply about, including all of you.



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