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Notes on the Notes – September 10, 2017

This week’s theme:

All you need is love!

This week’s scripture readings:

Romans 13:8-14     Matthew 18:15-20

This week’s music:

“This is the Day” (MV #122)

“This is the day that God has made;this-is-the-day-360x450
We will rejoice and be glad!

Singing hallelu! Singing hallelu! Singing hallelu!
We will rejoice and be glad!

Voici le jour que Dieu a fait;
Nous le vivrons dans la joie.

Chantant Allelu! Nous le vivrons dans la joie!”

This hymn by Bruce Harding (2003) is inspired by the words of Psalm 118:24.   Harding wrote both the text and music, which was translated to French by David Fines in 2005.

To hear the song go to:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88a-8OXGYk4

Bruce Harding, from Surrey, British, Columbia, Canada, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, into a family which still believed in the time-honoured tradition of family music-making. A child of the manse, otherwise known as a “preacher’s kid,” he grew up in various communities around Alberta and British Columbia, before quitting high school at 17 to go on the road with a rock and roll band. Harding soon settled in the Vancouver area in the mid-1980s, worked his way through college and university playing in bar bands and other rock, jazz and classical ensembles, and earned various degrees, including a PhD in musicology in 1998 after a six-year stint in Toronto. (Source:  MelodicArts)

“In Loving Partnership We Come” (VU #603)

“In loving partnership we come, seeking, O God, your will to do.
Our prayers and actions now receive; we freely offer them to you.

We are the hands and feet of Christ, serving by grace each other’s need.
We dare to risk and sacrifice with truthful word and faithful deed.

Loving community we seek; Your hope and strength within us move.
The poor and rich, the strong and weak are brought together in your love.

In loving partnership, O God, help us your future to proclaim.
Justice and peace be our desire, we humbly pray in Jesus’ name.”

This is one of many songs which appear in United Church hymn books written by Jim Strathdee.  This hymn became know to congregations in the United Church of Canada through the hymn book supplement Songs for a Gospel People.  It was first published in 1983 and speaks of God’s church, Christian unity and our role as disciples.

Jim Strathdee (b. 1941) and his wife, Jean, are performing artists whose concerts reach thousands of people each year. They say their songs “are a musical offering of hope and encouragement for all people, bringing a message of compassion, justice and healing.”

Hear the hymn sung in worship at Strathroy United Church:  https://youtu.be/F6Dor2_G-2M

“Where Two or Three are Gathered” (MV #14)Matthew18.20

“Where two or three are gathered in my name,
I am there, I am there.”

This short response was written by Bruce Harding in 2002. The words are taken directly from Matthew 18:20.  See Bruce and Cheryl Harding sing the song at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26xik5R19j0

“Love One Another”

“Love is patient, love is kind.
Love is gentle, love divine.
Love forgives, is never rude.
Love rejoices in the truth.love one another

Love one another, as God has also loved you.
Love one another, as God has also loved you.

Love is faithful, love is pure.
Love is hopeful, love endures.
Love is humble, love is strong.
Love is such a joyous song.”

This week’s anthem is based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and John 13:34. The words are by Roger Thornhill with music by Brad Nix.

“Go, Make a Difference” (MV #209)

“Go make a difference.
We can make a difference.
Go make a difference in the world.

We are the salt of the earth, called to let the people see
the love of God for you and me.  

We are the light of the world,
not to be hidden but be seen.
Go make a difference in the world.

We are the hands of Christ reaching out to those in need,
the face of God for all to see.
We are the spirit of hope;  we are the voice of peace.
Go make a difference in the world.

So let your love shine on, let it shine for all to see.
Go make a difference in the world.
And the spirit of Christ will be with us as we go.
Go make a difference in the world.”

This lively song enthusiastically sends us out to carry our faith into the world.  It was written by Steve Angrisano and Tom Tomaszek in 1997.   The words reinforce the message from the gospel of Matthew.

Watch Steve Angrisano singing the song at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQJ4TLRy1KI




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