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Notes on the Notes – October 23, 2016

This week’s theme:

Who are You?

This week’s scripture readings:

Joel 2:23-32                    Luke 18:9-14

This week’s music:

“Come, Now is the Time to Worship”

“Come, now is the time to worship,
Come, now is the time to give your heart.
Come, just as you are, to worship,Come, Now is the Time to Worship
Come, just as you are, before your God.  Come.

One day ev’ry tongue will confess You are God,
One day ev’ry knee will bow.
Still, the greatest treasure remains for those
Who gladly choose You now.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation.
Oh, all ye who hear, now to His temple draw near;
Praise Him in glad adoration.”

Our opening song was written by Brian Doerkson.  Brian Robert Doerksen (pronounced “durkson”) is a Canadian Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader from Abbotsford, British Columbia who was born in 1965. For many years he was part of the Vineyard Churches as well as Vineyard Music Group. In that context he has been extremely influential in the area of contemporary Christian worship music. The arrangement we will be using this week is by Mark Hayes (1998) and incorporates the traditional hymn “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.”

Hear Phillips, Craig and Dean singing this worship song at:


“Awaken the Dawn”

awaken-the-dawn“Sing to the Lord with all of your heart
Sing of the glory that’s due to his name
Sing to the Lord with all of your soul
Join all of heaven and earth to proclaim

You are the Lord
The Saviour of all
God of creation we praise you
We sing the songs
That awaken the dawn
God of creation we praise you

Sing to the Lord with all of your mind
With understanding give thanks to the King
Sing to the Lord with all of your strength
Living your lives as a praise offering

You are the Lord
The Saviour of all
God of creation we praise you
We sing the songs
That awaken the dawn

God of creation we praise you!”

This contemporary Christian song encourages us to “awaken the dawn” by lifting our voices in praise to God.  Learn more about this song by Delirious? in an interview with the song-writers at Worship Together – New Song Cafe:  https://youtu.be/tlPsqFnyNko

Hear the song at: https://youtu.be/YqlR_sRWWck

“Holy Spirit, Come into our Lives” (MV #6)

This hymn has words and music by Ken Canedo (1998).  Gifts of the Spirit

Ken says, “When I was youth minister at St. Monica Parish in Moraga, California, I used to compose a new song for each year’s Confirmation class. The candidates would learn their song in the middle of the year and sing it as the opening prayer for each session. By the time we celebrated the sacrament in May they knew the song well and sang it with all their hearts. That is the context from which this song was composed…

I wanted my candidates to learn and appreciate the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, as expressed in the first and second verses:

Give us a spirit of WISDOM . . .

– Wisdom gives us the perspective we need to see problems and situations as they really are, to see things from God’s point of view.

. . . an UNDERSTANDING heart. . .

– A person who is understanding accepts others just as they are and cares for people who are forgotten and ignored.

Give us a spirit of KNOWLEDGE, and lead us to the truth.

– We need knowledge to help us make sense of this complex world. Education is our way to develop God’s gift of knowledge.

Give us a spirit of COURAGE . . .

– Courage is the strength to do the right thing, no matter what obstacles, challenges or temptations come our way.

. . . and JUDGMENT that is wise.

– We need the gift of right judgment to help us face the big and small decisions of life, everything from the choice to drive safely to the question of which college to attend.

Give us a spirit of REVERENCE . . .

– Reverence helps us to see the true value of every person and of everything that God has created.

. . . of WONDER and of AWE.

– This is the gift that helps us to realize how the awesome and powerful God who created the universe still chooses to be present in our lives as gentle, loving, and forgiving.

… The gifts of the Spirit can help today’s generation to deal with the many challenges they face while growing up in this fast-paced world. The Spirit can lead to inner peace and help give clear direction to one’s life. Holy Spirit, come into our lives!”   (Source: http://www.spiritandsong.com/articles/14202)

“As It Is In Heaven”

Our Father, who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name
Come and let Your glory,  come and let Your glory fall.as-it-is-in-heaven

Our Father, who art in Heaven – the rocks cry out Your fame
Come and let Your glory, come and let Your glory fall.

I will sing, sing a new song
I will sing, sing a new song
I will sing, sing a new song to the Lord

Let your kingdom come
Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Every heart proclaim the mercy of Your name on earth as it is in heaven.

God give us new every morning mercy as daily bread
In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus we pray

And lead us, not to temptation, nut deliver us with Your hand
In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus we pray, Father we pray

I will sing, sing a new song…

Let your kingdom come…

For the kingdom is yours and the power is yours
And the glory forever,  Amen

Songwriters: Ed Cash / Matt Maher

This contemporary version of the Lord’s Prayer was written by songwriters, Ed Cash and Matt Maher.  Maher was born and raised in Newfoundland. His parents recognized his musical talent, and he grew up taking piano lessons and immersing himself in a broad variety of music and playing in concert and jazz ensembles, singing in a choir, and playing in a garage rock band.

Hear Matt Maher sing the song at:  https://youtu.be/BGAZVASoUv4

“Everything I Am”

“Everything I am,
Everything I have,
Everything I can, I bring to You.
For You alone are worthy so I come to give You praise,
And everything I am I bring to You.”

This week’s offering response was written by Scott Dyer and Joe Horness in 1996.  It is based on the words of Philippians 3:8.  The message of that reading is that everything in life that we think is important, isn’t.  It is our relationship to Jesus that matters most.

 “May We Rise”

“May We Rise” was one of the songs selected by a Canadian ecumenical committee and the World Council of Churches to be part of the worship material for 2015’s  Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The song was written by Pat Mayberry and John Wesley Oldham and has been arranged for piano by David Kai.

“May we rise with all Creation as the Spirit gives us strength.
May we heed the inner wisdom that God’s loving knows no length.
May we be a faith filled people, living out compassion’s way.
May we find the heart-felt courage to embrace the dawning day.

May we walk to meet the shadows of our woundedness and grief.
May we trust the Holy Spirit to bring healing and relief.
May we live with Love and justice, bring Your messages of Peace.
May we know the guiding power of Your gift of Grace released.

May we reach beyond the bound’ries of the walls that do divide.
May we feel the gift of Presence in Life’s circle with no sides.
May we listen for Your calling, hearts be open to Your Way.
May we live as one in Christ. As one people, God we pray.

May we rise. Let the songs of Love be sung.
May we rise. Sisters, brothers we are one, we are one.


“Lead Me Lord”

“Lead me, Lord, I will follow.
Lead me, Lord, I will go.
You have called me,
I will answer.
Lead me, Lord, I will go.”

This simple song of commitment was written by Wayne and Elizabeth Goodine in 1994.   As we go out into the world we are reminder that we are followers of Jesus.

Hear the story behind the song at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOd6t4pBEpY


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