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Notes on the Notes – October 14, 2012

“We Praise You, O God” – VU #218 – The title for Voices United  comes from the third stanza of this hymn.  The words were written by Julia Cory in 1902 at the request of the organist, for a Thanksgiving service at Brick Presbyterian Church in New York.  The original 16th century text, known as the “Dutch Hymn of Thanksgiving,” was written in celebration of the release of the Netherlands from Spanish rule.

“Why Stand So Far Away” – MV #72 – This hymn is a lament with text written by Ruth Duck.  Ruth is well-known as a leader in the movement to creative a language for worship that is as reverant as it is relevant.  Among her hymn texts most familiar to Windsor Park members would be: “Arise, Your Light Has Come” (VU 79), “As a Fire is Meant for Burning” (VU 578), “It’s a Song of Praise to the Maker” (MV 30), and “Spirit, Open My Heart” (MV 79). 

“Follow the Way of the Lord”- This anthem by Lloyd Larson is a true call to discipleship, reminding singers and congregations alike  to follow the way of the Lord “through every journey that you take.”  The traditional song “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus,” which is included near the close of the anthem, adds an element of the familiar.

God Will Make a Way” – Go to http://www.donmoenandfriends.org/donmoen-god-will-make-a-way/ to read the composer’s story about this meaningful song.

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