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Notes on the Notes – November 19, 2017

This week’s theme:

Who is the Master?

This week’s scripture reading:

Matthew 25:14-30

This week’s music:

“Welcome to Our Church”

“Welcome to our church, why don’t you come on in?    welcome
God’s love is alive – it’s truly, freely given.
Come inside and here receive the gift of health
There’s enough for all to share the Spirit’s wealth.
Hoping, for a welcome space.
Learning, we are full of Grace.
Finding, there is love for all.
Sharing, in God’s healing Call.
We are here to love each other every day,
Caring and forgiveness is the Jesus way.
We have lots of fun and work for others, too.
Every age is called to action; so are you.”

The words for this lively opening song were written by S. Diane Trollope of Sudbury, Ontario.  The melody is an Argentinian folk song.

Hear the melody on bells:

“You, Creator God, Have Searched Me” (MV #131)

“You, Creator God, have searched me and you know my ways.
You perfectly understand me, It’s my cause of praise.
I cannot escape your presence in air, land or sea.
Your arms of love and protection are always with me.

You know me, O God, you have made me.
I am proud I’m the work of your hand.
In my waking and sleeping moments,
With my being I will praise your name.

You created light and darkness and you love them both.
You blessed the womb of my mother, you brought me to birth.
In your image and your likeness wonderfully made.
I will lift my voice to praise you, you are God indeed.”

This lively calypso song is by George Mulrain, ordained minister of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and Americas.  The lyrics are a paraphrase of Psalm 139.  The arrangement we will be using was written for More Voices in 2007.

“Lord, We Bring to You Our Children”

“Lord, we bring to you our children on this festive, holy day;
Grant to them your benediction; grant to us your help, we pray.
Bless the children! Bless the parents! May they grow in Christ our Lord:
Joined in faith and loving service, in his Spirit and his Word.
Now may we in honest worship, in this glad and sacred hour,
Give ourselves in true commitment to your service and your power;baptism+font
To the task of Christian nurture: teaching, training, leading still
In the way of Christ-like living till life’s purpose we fulfill.”

This week’s baptism hymn has text written by Frank von Christierson (1976).  The tune is an American folk melody called NETTLETON, also known as the tune for the hymn “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”

Hear the tune on harp and violin at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3kVKBoINiA

“Jesus, Teach Me”

Jesus teach me“Jesus, teach me what I need to know.
Guide and lead me where I need to go.
In everything I say and do, teach me how to love like You.

Shine Your heavenly light.
Touch me and open my eyes.
As I go through the day, Lord, let me follow Your way.

Lord, the sound of Your voice fills me with comfort and joy.
Now I know I must start listening with all of my heart….”

This week’s anthem is by Bert Stratton and Vicki Tucker Courtney. It was published in 2010. The simple melody and words are a prayer for Jesus to help us to follow and live by his teachings.

“Faithful God, You Have Been Our Guide”

“Faithful God, you have been our guide,
Year by year walking by our side,
Blessing challenge and healing strife,
Leading us on the way of life.
You have called us to be a light,
Sign of justice and truth and right.
You have made us a rainbow sign,
Colours showing your peace design.
God, whatever the future holds,
Keep us faithful as life unfolds.
Write your covenant on our hearts;
Send the gifts that your love imparts.
Faithful God of the living covenant,
Lead us onward in this new day.
Faithful God of the living covenant,
Lead us onward in this new day.”

Our closing hymn has text by Ruth C. Duck (1995).  The tune is LINSTEAD, a Jamaican folk song, adapted by Doreen Potter (1975).  It will be familiar to many as the tune for the communion hymn “Let us Talents and Tongues Employ.” 

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