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Notes on the Notes – May 12, 2019

Mother’s Day

To Live Anew in God

This week’s scripture readings:

Acts 9:36-43       John 10:22-30

This week’s music:

“Are You a Shepherd?” (MV #126)

“Are you a shepherd, good shepherd who leads us
safely through danger, while calming our fears?

Are you a father who shelters and feeds us,
shares in our laughter and wipes away tear
jesus shepherds?

Yes, you are shepherd, parent and teacher,
but you are greater than all that we know.

Holy and living, loving and giving,
God, you are with us wherever we go.

Are you a mother, good mother who bears us,
comforts, protects us and helps us to rest?

Are you a teacher who daily prepares us,
challenging students to offer their best?

Great, gentle shepherd, forever beside us,
lead all your children in paths that are right.

Great, loving parent, wise teacher, you guide us.
We want to love you and bring you delight.”

This hymn was written by Ruth Duck in 2002, with music by William P. Rowan.  Through her words, Ruth explores the many natures and roles of God.

“Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us”

“Saviour, like a shepherd lead us,
Much we need your tender care;
In your pleasant pastures feed us,
For our use your folds prepare.
Blessed Jesus, gentle shepherd,
You have saved us, yours we are.

We are yours, in mercy tend us,
Be the guardian of our way;
Keep from ill, from sin defend us,
Seek us when we go astray.
Blessed Jesus, gentle shepherd,
Hear your children when we pray!

You have promised to receive us,
Poor and sinful tho’ we be;
You have mercy to relieve us,
Grace to cleanse and power to free.
Blessed Jesus, gentle shepherd,
Early let us turn to you.

Early let us seek your favour,
Early let us do your will;
Blessed Lord and only Saviour,
With your love our spirits fill.
Blessed Jesus, gentle shepherd,
You have loved us, love us still.”

This hymn follows the metaphor of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, as described in the gospel reading.  The words come from “Hymns for the Young,” published in 1836.  The music is by William L. Viner (1790-1867).

“We are the Followers Jesus”

“We are the followers of Jesus.
We’re the followers of the Lamb of God.
We are the followers of Jesus Christ,
We’re the followers of the Lord.

Halle, halle, hallelujah!
Let the love of Christ shine through.
Halle, halle, hallelujah!follow
Follwers of the Lord.

We are born of the Spirit,
Born from above,
Our lives are a gift from God who loves us.
Praise to our Maker, let us sing
And tell the whole world!”

Throughout the season of Easter, we contemplate our role as followers of the risen Christ.  The Joyful Noise and Worship Choir will join together to sing this lively anthem by Dave and Jean Perry.

“Jesus, Teach Me”

“Jesus, teach me what I need to know.
Guide and lead me where I need to go.
In everything I say and do, teach me how to love like You.

Shine Your heavenly light.
Touch me and open my eyes.
As I go through the day, Lord, let me follow Your way.

Lord, the sound of Your voice fills me with comfort and joy.
Now I know I must start listening with all of my heart….”

This week’s anthem is by Bert Stratton and Vicki Tucker Courtney. It was published in 2010. The simple melody and words are a prayer for Jesus to help us to follow and live by his teachings.

“Would You Bless Our Homes and Families” (VU #556)

“Would you bless our homes and families, source of life who calls us here;
In our world of stress and tension teach us love that conquers fear.
Help us learn to love each other with a love that constant stays;
Teach us when we face our troubles, love’s expressed in many ways.

When our way is undemanding, let us use the time that’s ours
To delight in simple pleasures, sharing joys in gentle hours.
When our way is anxious walking and a heavy path we plod,
Teach us trust in one another and in you, our gracious God.

From the homes in which we’re nurtured, with the love that shapes us there,
Teach us, God, to claim as family everyone whose life we share.
And through all that life may offer, may we in your love remain;
May the love we share in families be alive to praise your name.

Let us reach beyond the boundaries of our daily though and care
Till the family you have chosen spills its love out everywhere.
Help us learn to love each other with a love that constant stays;
Teach us when we face our troubles love’s expressed in many ways.”

This hymn, by Walter Farquharson and Ron Klusmeier, was published in Worship the Lord (1977), a collection of hymns by Walter Farquharson, Fred Kaan, and Ron Klusmeier, and it was also a popular selection in the United Church Hymnary supplement, Songs for a Gospel People (1987).

To ponder:

What image best describes you as a follower of Jesus?

mothers day

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