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Notes on the Notes – June 24, 2018

This week will be looking at the second half of the 10 commandments.

We will be reading:

Exodus 20: 12-21      Matthew 22: 34-40

We will be singing:

“Jesus, Come to Our Hearts” (VU #324)

“Jesus, come to our hearts like falling rain;
Come to refresh,
Come to renew,
Wash all our sins away.

Spirit, come to our hearts like rushing wind;
Come with your fire,
Come with your life,
Blow all our doubts away.

Come, God, come to our hearts like shining sun;
Come to reveal,
Lighten your Word,
Drive all our gloom away.

Glory be to the Lamb that once was slain;
Praise for his life,
Praise for his death,
Praise that he lives again.

Praises be to our God, the three in one;
Praise for the sun,
Praise for the wind,
Praise for the falling rain.”

This hymn is from Alleluia Aotearoa (1993).  The text is by New Zealand hymn writer, William Worley.  The tune was arranged by David Dell.  The text reminds us of the Trinity, connecting each to the natural world.

“We Praise You, Creator” (VU #293)

“We praise you, Creator, in earth, sea, and sky;
Our Ruler, our Maker, our Sovereign most high.
Each new generation lifts voices in praise;
How good your creation, how gracious your ways!

Each springtime the blossoms bloom fragrant once more;
Each summer and autumn brings forth its rich store.
With witness compelling our praise and our prayer,
Creation is telling of your faithful care.

Your wondrous works teach us, Creator to trace
The limitless reaches of your love and grace.
Your grace dwells among us, your love goes before:
From eldest to youngest we praise and adore.”

This hymn was originally in French, written by Edmund Louis Budry in 1904.  It was translated by Andrew Donaldson in 1993.  The tune, LYONS, is attributed to Johann Michael Haydn and was arranged by William Gardiner in 1815.  This tune can also be used with the hymn “O Worship the King.”

Hear the tune at:  https://youtu.be/jr6c1_vSVbw

“I’ll Praise Eternal God” (MV #57)

“I’ll praise eternal God with all my heart,
And I will recount your marvelous works and glorify your name.
I’ll praise eternal God with all my heart.
I’ll make you, my Lord, the subject of my joy.

The short response has been translated from the original French by John L. Bell (2002) of the Iona community, Scotland. The music is by Claude Fraysse.

 “Bless Now, O God, the Journey” (VU #633)

“Bless now, O God, the journey that all your people make,
The path through noise and silence, the way of give and take.
The trail is found in desert and winds the mountain round,
Then leads beside still waters, the road where faith is found.

Bless sojourners and pilgrims who share this winding way,
Whose hope burns through the terrors, whose love sustains the day.
We yearn for holy freedom while often we are bound.
Together we are seeking the road where faith is found.

Divine Eternal Lover, you meet us on the road.
We wait for lands of promise where milk and honey flow.
But waiting not for places, you meet us all around.
Our covenant is written on roads, as faith is found.”

This hymn is from Sylvia Dunstun’s first collection In Search of Hope and Grace (1991). The melody, THORNBURY was composed by Basil Harwood, an English organist and composer of church music in 1864. We also use the same tune for the hymns “Your Hand, O God, Has Guided” (VU #274) and “To Abraham and Sarah” (VU #634).

Hear the melody on pipe organ at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hPE3L4WBJU0


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