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Notes on the Notes – June 14, 2020

Living in Hope

Genesis 18:1-15    Romans 5:1-8

This Week’s Music:

“Creator God, You Gave Us Life” (MV #27)

“Creator God, you gave us life, your image formed within our souls,
Yet through the mist of time and space, we search for that which makes us whole.

In every flower and every tree, we see your great diversity,
Yet greater still we see your love, expressed in our humanity.

When with our hearts, our hands, our minds, we share our gifts with all the world,
Our spirits soar beyond the veil, to touch the very face of God.

Through hands that paint majestic skies, and voices chanting melody,
With words that reach beyond the page, we comprehend your mystery.”

Both the tune and text of this hymn were written by Judith Snowdon in 2004. Judith Snowdon was born in England but completed her formal music education in Canada at Canadian Mennonite University and the University of Winnipeg.   The lyrics are a reminder that when we open ourselves to truly look at the many facets of Creation, we are able to see God’s touch everywhere and in everyone.

“There’s a Quiet Understanding”

“There’s a quiet understanding
When we’re gathered in the Spirit,
It’s a promise Jesus gives us
When we gather in his name;

There’s a love we feel in Jesus,
There’s a manna that he feeds us,
It’s a promise Jesus gives us
When we gather in his name.

And we know when we’re together,
Sharing love and understanding,
That our brothers and our sisters
Feel the oneness Jesus brings.

Thank you, Jesus, thank you Jesus,
For the way you love and feed us,
For the many ways you lead us;
Thank you, gracious Lord.
Thank you, gracious Lord.”

The words and music for this hymn were written by Tedd Smith in 1973.  It can be found in the United Church hymn book supplement “Songs for a Gospel People.”

Hear a guitar arrangement of the hymn at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn2k8FO4_ss

“Though Ancient Walls” (VU #691)

“Though ancient walls may still stand proud
And racial strife be fact,
Though boundaries may be lines of hate,
Proclaim God’s saving act!

When vested power stands firm entrenched
And breaks another’s back,
When waste and want live side by side,
It’s Gospel that we lack.

The truth we seek in varied scheme,
The life that we pursue,
Unites us in a common quest
For self and world made new.

Walls that divide are broken down;
Christ is our unity!
Chains that enslave are thrown aside;
Christ is our liberty!

This is one of several hymns in Voices United by Walter Farquharson and Ron Klusmeier from the collection they produced with Fred Kaan entitled Worship the Lord (1977).  It was introduced to our congregation when it was included in “the green book,”  Songs for a Gospel People.   Walter Farquharson was also the 33rd Moderator of the United Church of Canada (1990-1992).

Hear the hymn sung at Strathroy United Church:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKkhzZC_p10

Hear a virtual choir perform the song at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTbun3MWqk4

“Live Into Hope” (VU #699)

“Live into hope of captives freed,
Of sight regained, the end of greed.
The oppressed shall be the first to see
The year of God’s own jubilee!

Live into hope the blind shall see
With insight and with clarity,
Removing shades of pride and fear,
A vision of our God brought near.

Live into hope of liberty,
The right to speak, the right to be,
The right to have one’s daily bread,
To hear God’s word and thus be fed.

Live into hope of captives freed
From chains of fear or want or greed.
God now proclaims our full release
To faith and hope and joy and peace.”

The strong words to this hymn are based on Luke 4:16-20 and were written by Jane Parker Huber in 1976. The music is the hymn tune, TRURO, written by Thomas Williams in 1789.

Hear the hymn played on organ at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4QuzXilXac

“Send Us Out”

“Send us out in the power of your Spirit, Lord,
May our lives bring Jesus to the world,
May each thought and word bring glory to your name,
Send us out, in your Spirit, Lord, we pray.”

The words and music for our benediction response were written by Ruth Fazal (1993).

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