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Notes on the Notes – January 25, 2015

This week’s theme: Being Spontaneous/Week of Prayer for Christian unity

This week’s scripture readings: Mark 1:14-20,  1 Corinthians 7:29-31

This week’s music:

“Part of the Family” (VU #395)

“Come in, come in and sit down,
You are a part of the family.
We are lost and we are found,
And we are a part of the family.

You know the reason why you came,
Yet no reason can explain;
So share in the laughter and cry in the pain,
For we are a part of the family.

God is with us in this place,
Like a mother’s warm embrace.
We’re all forgiven by God’s grace,
For we are a part of the family.

Children and elders, middlers and teens,
Strong eighty-fivers and streetwise sixteens,
Singles and doubles and in-betweens
For we are a part of the family.

Greeters and shoppers, long-time and new,
Nobody here has a claim on a pew,
And whether we’re many or whether we’re few,
We are a part of the family.

There’s rest for the weary and health for us all;
There’s a yoke that is easy, and a burden that’s small.
So come in and worship and answer the call,
For we are a part of the family.”

This family song became known to United Church congregations in the arrangement made by Darryl Nixon for Songs for a Gospel People (1987).  Singer songwriter James K. Manley, the composer of this hymn, is a minister in the United Church of Christ (USA).   “Part of the Family” reminds both members and visitors that our congregation is an open, diverse group that welcomes people of all ages, every marital status, and all views, interest levels, and stages in the faith journey. 

We are the Followers of Jesus”
“We are the followers of Jesus.
We’re the followers of the Lam of God.
We are the followers of Jesus Christ,
We’re the followers of the Lord.

Halle, halle, hallelujah!
Let the love of Christ shine through.
Halle, halle, hallelujah!follow
Follwers of the Lord.

We are born of the Spirit,
Born from above,
Our lives are a gift from God who loves us.
Praise to our Maker, let us sing
And tell the whole world!”

The Joyful Noise and Worship Choir will join together to sing this lively anthem by Dave and Jean Perry.

“Fishers of Men”

“I will make you fishers of men,
Fishers of men, fishers of men.
I will make you fishers of men if you’ll follow me.
If you’ll follow me, if you’ll follow me.follow Jesus
I will make you fishers of men if you’ll follow me.

Hear Christ calling “Come unto me,

Come unto me, come unto me.”
Hear Christ calling “Come unto me. I will give you rest.
I will give you rest, I will give you rest.”
Hear Christ calling “Come unto me. I will give you rest.”

“Fishers of Men” was written by Harry D. Clarke and published in 1927.  Learn more about Harry Clarke at:  http://www.hymntime.com/tch/bio/c/l/a/clarke_hd.htm

“Jesus Saw them Fishing” (MV 113) aka “Fish with Me”    

“Jesus saw them fishing by the shore of Galilee,
Casting out their nets into the sea.
Simon Peter, Andrew and the sons of Zebedee,
Waiting in their boats so patiently.

And Jesus said, “Oh, come and follow me.
Oh, leave behind your nets. I call you.
Oh, some and fish with me,
And your life will never be the same again.”

A rich young person came to Jesus looking for advice.
“How can I obtain eternal life?”
Jesus told him, “Honor the commandments of the Lord.
Then sell off all your riches for the poor.”

“If you want to follow me deny your very self.
Take up your cross and walk the walk with me.
This might seem a hardship, an impossibility,
But nothing is impossible with God.”

The text of this song is based on Matthew 4:18-22; 16:24-26; 19:16-21, 25-26.  It was written in 2002 by Ken Canedo.

“Don’t Wait”

“There’s a time for hesitation and weighing pros and cons.
There’s a time to move with caution and with care.
There’s a time to look both ways, take it easy, play it safe.
But there’s one time when there’s no time to waste.

Don’t wait when you know that God is calling.
Don’t wait when you feel it deep inside.
Don’t wait to respond, give your deepest yes to God,
And know the joy of Jesus in your life.

There’s a time to say tomorrow, or maybe someday soon.
There’s a time to put things off and say not yet.
There’s a time to be excused, there’s so much that’s asked of you.
But there’s one time when only now will do!”

This song was written by Bryan Serchio and published in 2007.   To learn more about the composer, go to:  http://www.sirchio.com/index.php?page=biofollowing Jesus

“We Will Follow”

“We will follow, we will follow Jesus.
We will follow everywhere he goes.
We will follow, we will follow Jesus.
Everywhere he goes, we will follow.”

This traditional Zimbabwean song has the Zulu title of “Som’landela.”

Hear the song sung by a men’s choir in Zulu, French and English: 

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”
“I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.
Tho’ no one join me, still I will follow, no turning back, no turning back.
The world behind me, the cross before me, no turning back, no turning back.”


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