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Notes on the Notes – January 13, 2013

Baptism of Jesus/Congregational renewal of Baptismal vows/Communion

“Will You Come and See the Light?” (VU #96) – This invitation in song is packed with striking metaphors and thought progressions.  Brian Wren has called upon his experience working for Third World aid and development projects to write this hymn.  He chose the Scottish fold tune KELVINGROVE as the setting for his text.  It was arranged by Valerie Ruddle, a British music teacher, composer and author.

“In the Darkness Shines the Splendour” (VU #92) – This hymn is also rich in imagery and ideas, bringing deeper meaning to the concept of God’s glory made flesh through the birth of Jesus.  Bernadette Gasslein wrote this hymn in 1992.  It is set to Henry John Gauntlett’s familiar tune which is more commonly sung with the carol “Once in Royal David’s City.”  The hymn was published in 1994 in the Canadian Catholic Book of Worship III. 

“By the Well, a Thirsty Woman” (MV #117) –  This new hymn reminds us that Christ is our source of living water.  It leads us from the Gospel story of the woman at the well to a reminder of our own baptism and desire for Spirit-led living.  The hymn is written by Elizabeth Stilborn (2005) with music by Diana Wilcox (2006).

“Come Down, Lord” – This anthem, by Stan Pethel, is a an anthem of supplication.  Through it, we ask God to send down the Spirit to be among us, so that we may live a more God-pleasing life.  Widely recognized as a composer and arranger, Stan Pethel has over 600 works in print for choral ensemble, instrumental groups, and keyboard. He has served as a conductor and clinician throughout the United States and in seven foreign countries.  

I Have Called You by Your Name (MV #161) – A hymn for ordination, commitment, and commissioning by Daniel Charles Damon (1995).  This hymn is written from God’s perspective, saying “I have called you by your name, you are mine” and goes on to speak of God’s hope for us.   It commissions us to have the courage to follow where God leads and reminds us of everyone’s innate value in God’s eyes.


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