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Notes on the Notes – February 9, 2014

This week’s theme:  Getting on the right track

This week’s readings: Isaiah 58:1-9a, Matthew 5:13-20

This week’s music:

Bring Forth the Kingdom

“You are salt for the earth, O people; salt for the Kingdom of God!  Share the flavor of life, O people:  life in the Kingdom of God!

Bring forth the Kingdom of mercy, bring forth the Kingdom of peace; bring forth the Kingdom of justice, bring forth the City of God!

You are a light on the hill, O people; light for the City of God!  Shine so holy and bright, O people:  shine for the Kingdom of God!

You are a seed of the Word, O people; bring forth the Kingdom of God!  Seeds of mercy and seeds of justice, grow in the Kingdom of God!

Our opening hymn was written by Marty Haugen.  The lyrics are inspired by this week’s reading from Matthew.   Marty Haugen was raised in the American Luther Church in Minnesota.  He writes contemporary hymns and liturgies for the Lutheran church despite now being a member of the United Church of Christ.  His music has also found favor in both Roman Catholic and Protestant congregations.  For the past 25 years Haugen has pursued a career as a liturgical composer and workshop presenter.   One of Haugen’s most notable hymns is All Are Welcome, which is the first hymn in our hymn book, More Voices.  Marty holds a position as composer in residence at Mayflower Community Congregational Church (UCC) in Minneapolis.

I’m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me (VU #575)

“I’m gonna live so God can use me anywhere, Lord, anytime.”

    (work, pray, sing)

 This traditional African-American spiritual is from the Presbyterian Hymnal (1990).   Extra verses were suggested by the children in Bible Adventures – “clap,” “high five” and “be kind!”

Here We Stand, Lord!

“We are gathered in this place, O Lord, joined in worship and in prayer.  Come and touch us with Your grace, O Lord; keep us always in Your care.  Help us show our faith and love in all we say and do.  As we follow in Your way, O Lord, help us put our trust in You.

Here we stand, Lord, Yours forever.  You have called us to spread Your Word.  Hand in hand, Lord, we’ll serve together, sharing Your light with all the world…”

Today’s anthem, by Don Besig and Nancy Price, was written for First Lutheran Church in Missoula, Montana, in celebration of their 100th anniversary and dedication of their new church.   The words celebrate both the coming together as a faithful people, as well as the taking of our faith out into the world.

Go Make a Difference (MV #209)

“Go make a difference.  We can make a difference.  Go make a difference in the world.

We are the salt of the earth, called to let the people see the love of God for you and me.  We are the light of the world, not to be hidden but be seen.  Go make a difference in the world.

We are the hands of Christ reaching out to those in need, the face of God for all to see.  We are the spirit of hope;  we are the voice of peace.  Go make a difference in the world.

So let your love shine on, let it shine for all to see.  Go make a difference in the world.  And the spirit of Christ will be with us as we go.  Go make a difference in the world.”

This lively song enthusiastically sends us out to carry our faith into the world.  It was written by Steve Angrisano and Tom Tomaszek in 1997.   The words reinforce the message from the gospel of Matthew.

Watch Steve Angrisano singing the song at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQJ4TLRy1KI


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