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June 24th Announcements

OUR MISSION                                                                                        

Windsor Park United Church seeks to be a welcoming community. Based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, we nurture our faith and spiritual life by: worshiping and learning together, caring for each other, embracing our diversity, reaching out to those who live around us and working together in service to Creation.

*Here at WPUC we are endeavoring to become a scent-free environment*


June 24th – July 1st, 2018

Today            10:30am    Worship Service

Next Sunday   11am      Worship Service at Prince of  Peace Lutheran Church!

*If you need hearing assist, please ask a member of  Welcome Ministry*

Coffee & Conversation starts on July 4th! This is just a reminder that volunteers are still needed to help with Coffee & Conversation. Now is the time to pick a day to help out! There are lots of spots still available!  If you have any questions, please contact Barb Kelly: 204-257-1850 or kellybj@shaw.ca

We need volunteers to water our gardens this summer! Please call Heather or email Bill Belsham, bill40@mymts.net

We have had several requests for food from the apartments across the street in the last few weeks, please help keep our wee food bank stocked if you are able, especially through the summer months to come! Many thanks!

A message from our Outreach Council:

Volunteers at West Broadway Community Ministry often serve meals to over 100 guests, four days a week. While this service continues through the summer months, their pantry often becomes very depleted. Items that are greatly needed include: sandwich fillings (such as peanut butter, canned meat or tuna, Cheez Whiz), coffee, and sugar. If you are able to contribute any of those items, please place them in the bin labeled WBCM in the church entrance. Two dedicated volunteers will collect and deliver donations to WBCM regularly. Any support that you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Rock Lake United Church Camp is slowly coming to life as we prepare for another fantastic summer of fun! The dining hall and cabins are clean, the campfire circle is ready, the dock, buoys, and waterfront equipment are being inspected, all to make sure it will be a safe and fun-filled time to camp! If you haven’t submitted your registration, be sure to go online at www.rocklake.com and sign up right away! You can also call (204)825-2553 or email: camp@rocklake.com for more information. We are almost ready! All we need is you!

Birthdays & Anniversaries!

Hillary Anderson                                                         Connor Drawson

Sean Glover                                                                              June Kaan

Astrid Ludlam                                                                          Flo Olson

Phillip Pododworny                                                                 Pat Steen

Kathy Taylor                                                                        Joyce Waters


Don & Arlene Carswell                                                         Sean & Marlene McKay

Brydon & Joyanne Owen                                           Gordon & Carmelle Sargent

Dylan & Karissa Sawka                                                                Wes & Tanya Unger

Ernie & Lori Zacharias

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