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Holiday Decor Fun!

It’s time to take some photos! Send in a picture or 2 (or short video – 10 sec. or less) of your favourite holiday decorations! Photos may include: indoor/outdoor decor, Christmas tree, Christmas lights, tree decorations, home decorations, candles, etc. (Save your holiday pet pics for next week though!) Send your photos to: laura.wpuc@gmail.com

Photos will be included in a WPUC holiday video to share some Christmas Spirit!

Reminder: if you hold your phone horizontally (landscape) it will fill the screen in our video!

Which Way? When to Photograph in Portrait or Landscape Orientation

Interested in getting a better night time shot? The internet has lots of suggestions, including:


How to Photograph Your Christmas Tree

  1. Don’t use flash. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, if you use a flash, it’ll evenly light the tree, but it will also overpower any lighting you’ve put up. …
  2. Use a tripod. …
  3. Set ISO to a low setting. …
  4. Get close. …
  5. Reduce camera shake. ..
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