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First Sunday of Advent

It’s the first Sunday of Advent!  If you have an advent wreath, be sure to light the first blue or purple candle tonight.

Click below (on Advent Wreath with Gloria) to see how to make a paper Advent wreath for your wall or fridge – “light” the candle of hope tonight! Don’t forget to send us a picture of your wreath so we can share them!  (send photos to:  laura.wpuc@gmail.com)

Advent Wreath with Gloria

Here’s an Advent song to sing to the tune of “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” (you could sing it each week when you light your Advent candles!)

Advent is a time to wait (hold hand up as you say “wait”)
Not quite time to celebrate, (shake head and wag finger from side to side)
Count the candles 1 by 1 (put 4 fingers up, 1 at a time)
Until Advent time is done (wave hands, palms down)
Day by day we work and play, (stack fist on top of fist over and over)
To get ready for Christmas day! (give yourself a hug!)

Watch for more fun activities for all ages to be posted during our Advent time at home, including:  Holiday dress-up your pet photo sharing, Christmas Card video messages, Christmas music videos, inspirational prayers, and more!

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