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Day 1 Over And Done

So, first things first, who knew Halifax was built on hills, certainly not me…hahaha.  It is and it is a beautiful city.  I will post some pictures as I am able.

I arrived at the school just after 9 on Saturday evening after a long day of traveling which was made that much better as I ran into Amber and family who were on their way back from Halifax to Winnipeg (with me going the exact opposite direction).  You never know who you will meet in Ottawa airport, do you?

Sunday was a day to get a bit orientated to my new surroundings.  I will post some pictures of my residence room…it reminds of those shows and movies set in old English boarding schools, but it will be a place to lay my head for the next 6 weeks.

Finally got hooked up to the internet late this afternoon, now I feel like I am connected now, which is good and I needed to be online as many of my course readings are online and I would be in trouble if I could not access them.

I had my first class today and I only have to read a minimum of 125 pages tonight and beginning tomorrow I need to read as well as write a 1-2 page reflection paper every day based on the previous days readings.  It will be a challenge but I am looking forward to this class, every one says that the professor is brilliant and if today is any indication, I think they may be correct in that statement.  I enjoyed the class and although it will be challenging, I think that I will learn a whole lot and it will help me grow in ministry.

I will add some pictures now of the Atlantic School of Theology, my home away from home.

Will be in touch soon.



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