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Canada Day, Canada’s 150

It is Canada day and here is sit in residence at the Atlantic School of Theology listening to the fog horns going off every couple of minutes. We were supposed to be out sailing today, but the weather was not really conducive to being on the water today as we have had a lot of rain and fog. So Canada Day is wet here in Halifax. Many other places across this great nation there are those who are celebrating with music, food, family, fun, and, of course, fireworks.

As we approached Canada Day I found myself in the midst of a class on reconciliation and it was unspoken by many of us but we understood that the most glaring example of non-reconciliation is the current relationship between dominant culture and our indigenous brothers and sisters. And so I have been struggling with what to post on this day. And then add on that this is the 150th anniversary since Confederation, it makes it even more difficult.

I was blessed to have received an email with a video that contained a new version of the song “This is my Canada” and it contains the lyrics, “Look to the future, learn from the past, build today and make it last.” This is what I believe we are all about. As we celebrate Canada’s 150 let us not turn away from the work that we need to do, but rather let us all realize that this day challenges us to more forward to build that place of peace, equity, love, unity, hope, and reconciliation for all peoples of this land.

So, I want to wish you all a Happy Canada Day, but also wish you all strength for the journey of peace and reconciliation ahead as we make Canada into an even better country so that next year at this time we can all celebrate this time together, as one people, loving and caring for each other.

Peace and blessings on this day,


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