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Blessing of the Backpacks!

Hi Kids!

We hope that you had a great first week of school!!

DON’T FORGET to bring your backpack on Sunday Sept. 11th for the BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS!

We are also collecting NEW/UNUSED school supplies for students who need a little extra help!

Here is the list of school supplies we are looking for:

              Schools Top 10 Donation List

    1.  Duotangs – 3 prong
    2.  Packages of looseleaf
    3.  Pencils
    4.  Student scissors
    5.  Crayola crayons
    6.  Crayola markers – thick and thin
    7.  Crayola pencil crayons
    8.  Hilroy scribblers
    9.  Glue sticks
    10.  New backpacks

Why the brand names? These are brands that tend to have a higher quality and more staying power!

You can donate school supplies until Thanksgiving!!


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