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Another Year Complete

I am just finishing up my last class of the 2015 Summer Session at the Atlantic School of Theology. This last class has been transformative in challenging me to think from a perspective of Virtue Ethics. This can be life changing, but it is up to me to integrate this into how I see how I understand my world and what I do in the world.

I will leaving Halifax soon and the realization that I have now completed half of my degree is starting to sink in. I have now completed 15 of my 30 required credits. This entire process has shaped me in ways that I never thought possible. I have been blessed to have a community such as Windsor Park United who have given me the opportunity to be on this journey. I am not sure that you understand how important you and this program are to who I am becoming, you have given me the opportunity to grow in ways I never thought might be possible.

I will be coming home soon and I look forward to seeing you all.




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