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Almost 1/3 Of The Way Through

I must first begin by saying that I have been a bit remiss this week. I have every intention of writing this post on Sunday evening as we prepared to begin our second week of study, but it seemed that life really got in the way. There were assignments to complete, reading to do, and movies to watch to prepare for class discussions. All in all it has been a busy week. We have had 8 days of classes and I have submitted 5 assignments, with one left to write and submit. This last assignment is going to be a real challenge, but we will see how it goes. I cannot believe that in 2 days I will be done my first class of this summer session. Time has flown by and I think that before I know it I will be packing up for another year and heading home.

This past 2 weeks has been interesting if nothing else as we engaged with the polity of The United Church of Canada, but not to worry I am not an expert on The Manual. It is an interesting document and can be very complicated. I have learned that I am actually one that seems to like process, especially when that process makes sense to me.

I am looking forward to my next class with is based all around music for worship, included in the class are singing lessons, which I think should be a blast. I will admit I am a bit nervous as I am required to do some type of artistic project, not really sure what the even might look like, but I suppose I will find out at the beginning of next week.

Myself and 2 of my student colleagues organized and helped preside, with a local minister, at a communion worship service last evening. It was a celtic liturgy and communion and it was a very moving experience for all present and it was a wonderful experience for the 3 of us who helped to preside. The diversity of what we can do here is wonderful and life giving. I hope to work towards integrating some of these ideas into worship with all of you.

I suppose that I should return to writing this final paper so that it does not stretch into the weekend or next week.

I miss the community that I have found at Windsor Park, but I know that I will be among you again soon.



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