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Advent Living Prayer Shawl

Peace and blessings to you all,

At this time of the year when we are all so busy with presents, parties, and family plans, I invite you to remember that our prayers are always important, especially at this time of year. So I invite you to become a participant in our first Windsor Park United Church Advent Living Prayer Shawl, as we envelop others in our prayers during this holiday season.

You are invited to lift up in prayer all the people of Halifax, Nova Scotia on this the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion. May we pray for the families of those over 2000 people who died and those 9000 people who were injured in that explosion.

Please hold tenderly in your prayers the families of the women who lost their lives 28 years ago today at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. May we work towards the elimination of all violence against women, as well as all forms of gender based violence, in our world.

December 7th is the 76th anniversary or the attack on Pearl Harbor, may we pray for all those who lost their lives, all those whose lives were affected by that war, and all those who lives are currently affected by war and conflict. May we continue to work for peace in our world, so that all swords will finally be beaten into plowshares.


God of love and light. In the midst of our waiting for the arrival of Love Incarnate in our world help us to remember that you taught us to pray “Your kingdom come.” May we all be Your people of love, hope, mercy, and justice each day. May all of our prayers this Advent season become actions, which become transformation as we continue to become God’s people in the world. Amen.


In prayerful solidarity.



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