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A Prayer for Ottawa

A Prayer for Ottawa from the moderator of the United Church of Canada.

Posted October 22 on the website of the United Church of Canada.


A Prayer for Ottawa



We pray for all the people in Ottawa who are currently in lockdown situations as a result of the shootings that began today at the National War Memorial.


We pray for those who were injured or who have died in this terrifying turn of events.


We pray for the safety of the people on Parliament Hill and in downtown Ottawa, especially those who are actively looking to restore security.


Teach us, God, how to be faithful during this time of fear and anxiety.


And provide those most affected by this act of violence the abiding comfort and peace that we cannot.


We yearn for and seek your commonwealth of peace and justice:

Make clear to us how to faithfully respond in a way that

loves what you love and

acts as you have taught us.


Give us the strength and wisdom

to choose compassion,

to choose hope,

to choose love,


in times when it is so easy

to choose apathy,

to choose fear,

to choose hatred.


From the depths of our hearts, we pray to you, God.



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