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25/30 or Two Weeks Down

To be honest when I wrote last week I found myself in the midst of a week that seemed to be dragging on so slowly. Well here we are at the end of the next week, at the end of my first course and two weeks closer to coming home. It is amazing how time seems to move at different paces depending on where we find ourselves.

These past two weeks have been challenging and eye-opening in many way. We have been challenged to be extremely vulnerable in our classes, in front of our fellow students and instructor. For some this has been difficult and for others it has been less so, but for all of us I believe that we have learned something valuable about ourselves. I know for me there were days when I was so emotionally tired that I only wanted to crawl back in bed, but I didn’t, I continued to move forward and I believe that I personally learned a lot. The thing about being away at school and being involved in classes that really seem to feed the soul is that they give you an appetite to learn more, to go deeper. This course that I am finishing up today has done this for me. We have learned even when it appeared that we were really engaging in learning in the classroom. The instructor brought us along on a journey even when we felt as if we were just listening to a couple of stories. This has ignited in me a desire to dig deeper into the idea of reconciliation and what that might mean for me, in my life.

I know that this week marks the end of school for students, especially those in elementary school. I want to wish you all a wonderful summer, blessed with an abundance of time with family and friends. I hope for you all a time to relax and re-energize and time to enjoy the nice weather that appears to be coming your way (yes I still look at Winnipeg weather every morning). Congratulations to all of you who graduated this year. And lastly I would like to thank all of the teachers in our midst for all that you do throughout the year in giving so much to the young ones. You really are the ones who are shaping the future. We are blessed to have you in our communities.

Peace to you all,


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