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2 Down and 1 To Go

It sometimes is really amazing how time is so relative.  When I was told that I needed to be down here in Halifax for 6 weeks I was thinking to myself that that would be a very long time and now my time is almost up.  I have officially completed my first 2 courses in Masters of Divinity from the Atlantic School of Theology and by next spring I will  have my first 6 competed as I continue to study over the winter.  I am beginning a my preaching foundations class on Monday morning and in two weeks will be flying my way back  home, thank goodness.  This has been an amazing experience, but generally most people at this time of the summer term are beginning to express a desire to go home, this time is both physically, emotionally and intellectually exhausting and we need to be home with our families and our communities.  I am beginning to realize that although this is a great place to be and a wonderful experience I am missing some important happenings in the life of a community that I care very deeply for and for that I grieve.  I hope that all of the people at WPUC know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all, always.  You all have been so instrumental in helping me to get here and to make this possible.  I just finished the course on United Church Worship and I am excited by new possibilities and new ideas…..and no I don’t think we need to change, but I know how we all are willing to stretch and that-and you- are a blessing.

I finally last weekend did a little bit of sight seeing as we-4 of us from residence- were invited by a member of our first class to go on a boat ride in the harbor in order to escape some of the oppressive heat that was blanketing Halifax at the end of last week and so I thought I would post some pictures from that evening.

And so I look forward to being back with all of you again in a few weeks- a very short period of time- but in the mean time I need to go and read another whole book this weekend to get ready for my class on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend and I am thinking of you.



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