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1/3 Of The Way Done

Wow! I can’t believe that 2 weeks has already gone by and I just handed in my last assignment for my Nature and Grace course.  In the last 2 weeks I have handed in 6 papers totaling about 18 pages and with less than a day’s preparation; researched, wrote and preached a sermon on a scripture passage given to me by the professor.  It has been intense, that is for sure, but a great class.  We have gone from Richard Dawkins, to Augustine of  Hippo, to Thomas Aquinas, to Immanuel Kant and finally to Nietzsche.  We looked at nature-including ourselves- and God’s grace from all these perspectives, although some of the perspectives are “pure nature,” which means God does not exist.  Dr. David Deane the teacher is amazing with a doctorate from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland-which means he has a wee Irish accent-he is an author and a passionate speaker and teacher, it has been a pleasure taking a class with him.

Now we have come to the long weekend….yeah….oh yeah I forgot I have two books to read for my class that begins on Tuesday.  I guess I know what I am going to be doing here in Halifax this weekend.  Well to honest it is supposed to rain all weekend, so what else does one do on a soggy Halifax weekend.  I will try to get out and get some more picture to post on this blog, but I still have another 4 weeks here, so lots of time, unless the time flies like these past 2 weeks have.  I have been looking at the weather in Winnipeg and I would really like to know what this is all about with all this sun and heat.  We had one day this week where it was hot and humid, it got to 39 degrees with the humidity…..so it was like 100 on the 3rd floor of the residence where I am staying.

Interesting note, we are having to run an obstacle course every day on our way to the library and chapel as the Pine Hill building (the original theological school) was built in the 1800s and is used for movies quite often and they are using it this summer as well as they film a movie about Lizzie Borden-you know that girl who had some trouble with her parents- with Christina Ricci in the movie…..oh famous people…..yeah whatever, my brain hurts to much to worry about that right now…..hahaha

I will post again soon.


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