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1 Week Down

Well there you have it, 1 week down and 5 more to go. It has been a week of reading and writing with a paper due everyday and reading every night. I must admit, this is most definitely intense. It is intense in the workload, intense in the learning and intense in the fellowship of discussions and dialogue. I will not make any blanket statements, but this week has challenged me and inspired me, it is a great experience, even if it is exhausting.

I will say that I am trying my best right now to fight off a cold. It was suggested that throughout the course of the 6 weeks, everyone gets sick in residence. I can see that as we in many cases are living right on top of each other, small rooms, communal cooking spaces, communal washroom and communal lounges. Most people when they are not tied up with writing will prop their doors open to keep air moving (did I mention how hot the residence gets) and to indicate that if you want to stop by for a chat, by all means. A door firmly closed usually means that the individual is busy writing one of the many paper due in each class.

I  must admit that I am very happy that the weekend is finally here.  I could use a good sleep. I am not sure what I am going to do this weekend, but I will try to get some pictures of the city and post some here on this blog.

I will try to post again this weekend, as at the moment I am trying to mentally unpack both Augustine’s and Aquinas’ theologies around Nature and Grace, wish me luck



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