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1 To Go

I as sit in my monastic cell, or so these rooms seem at times, I think about the 5 weeks that have already gone by and now there is only 1 to go.  This has been an experience.  It has been challenging and affirming, it has been stressful and full of laughter and fun.  A few years ago the Education and Students Committee (E&S) had challenged me to really think about ensuring that I have a residency component to my schooling because I was wondering why I could not do all of my education by distance.  Really I have a community of support, a community of friends and people who would challenge me to grow.  How do they say it I am “eating crow.”  The sense of community here when you have over 20 people from 3 faith traditions who are going through the same things, being away from home, the course load and the sense of identity and call is amazing, something that I am blessed to have experienced this year.

We have 4 “newbies” as we are called this year at the Atlantic School of Theology.  There are 2 of us from Manitoba, one from Kingston area of Ontario and one from Nova Scotia.  We are all green, so to speak, in that none of us has any real theological formation and so we have bonded very well and a couple of them are as quiet and reserved as I am…..hahahaha…yeah I know.  They are outgoing like I am and so we have really hit it off.  We, the “newbies” made Saturday morning breakfast for the entire residence last weekend and took up a collection.  All the money received, $100, was then donated to a United Church outreach ministry here in Halifax.  One of  the women on staff here helps out and when she brought the money in the woman running the ministry said; “Thank God, now we can buy some bread.”  I have found that the spirit indeed moves in ways unexpected and unimaginable and I am blessed to be a part of it.

It has been tough being away from home and I look forward to next Saturday, when I can fly back to Winnipeg.  I am preparing to lead a sermon event, yes that is what our instructor calls them, tomorrow morning as my last official assignment that I have to do.  The remainder of the week will be spent reflecting on the sermon events led my other classmates.  As my time here comes to an end I realize just how draining the last 5 weeks have been and although I have learned a lot, I look forward to coming home.

Peace to all of you and I will see you all soon.


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