A warm welcome is waiting for you
at 1062 Autumnwood Drive,

where you will find enthusiastic, thought-provoking sermons that are relevant to our world today.

Windsor Park United Church seeks to be
a welcoming community based on
the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
We nurture our faith and spiritual life by:
worshipping and learning together,
caring for each other,
embracing our diversity,
reaching out to those who live around us,
and working together in service to Creation.


Worship Service – Sunday, September 19, 2021

Third Sunday of the Season of Creation “The Same Sky”  Please click the following for the Bulletin Click here for Notes on the Notes This week’s worship is led by:  Rev. Patrick Woodbeck, Sarah Closen, Gloria Saindon, Laura Steidl and Myrna Hagues This week’s anthem is sung by: Sarah Closen, Trista Closen, Amber Cottreau, Heather Karavas, Courtney […]

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Notes on the Notes – September 19, 2021

Season of Creation 3 Sky This Week’s Music: “O Beautiful Gaia” (MV #41) “O beautiful Gaia, O Gaia, calling us home. O beautiful Gaia, calling us on.” The term Gaia (guy-ah) represents “Mother Earth,” inviting us to live into our care and respect for all creation. It asks us to consider our relationship to the earth […]

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Bulletin – Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday, September 19, 2021 Season of Creation 3 Sky Approach Lighting the Candle In the name of God, who creates planets, the name of Jesus Christ, born on planet Earth, and the name of the Spirit who envelopes our planet. We come to this place together knowing that to live in God’s creation is to […]

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