• Do not use word files. i.e. a file ending with .doc or .docx  Export or ‘save as’ to pdf or add the content manually.
    Reasons for this include:  not everyone has MS Word on their PC, if they do they may not have your fonts installed, and they may have a different default page setup.  As such if someone else can open it, it will most likely look completely different on their monitor.  PDF is an open standard that everyone is free to view.  In addition, a pdf embeds all fonts and formatting to ensure that it will look the same on another computer.
    Please refer to this Microsoft link http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/save-as-pdf-HA010354239.aspx for how save as a pdf if you are using MS Office 2010.  If you’re on a Mac or using an older version of Office, please contact the office for assistance.
  • Choose your category from the dropdown list.  ‘General News’ will be the default if nothing is checked.  If you want your post to also show up in the main blog
  • If you select a future date, your post will not display until that date and time has passed.
  • Please send an email to the office if you need help or have any questions.
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